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Race for the Infinity Stones

November 27-December 2, 2023

Collect all six Infinity Stones, then capture the Infinity Gauntlet to stop Thanos!


7 Clues total (including Infinity Gauntlet clue) • One clue per Infinity Stone • 1 park per Infinity Stone type. • 10 of the same type of Infinity Stones in each park • Limit yourself to 1 type of Infinity Stone per hunter, please. • Four-county search zone: Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Washington. • Clues will be released at 5pm daily at both TC Treasure and Medallion Militia. • Each find enters the hunter into a prize drawing. 1 prize drawing for each type of Infinity Stone found. (The winner of each drawing will win a Zupas Gift Card and a custom Medallion Militia Mini Medal) • First to find all 6 Infinity Stone and the Infinity Gauntlet will stop Thanos and win! • Winner will receive a mystery gift pack valued at $100! • Additional Clues will be given if needed.
This event is FREE to play — no registration required!


There will be a total of 7 Infinity Gauntlet Fragments. Each hunter that successfully finds a Infinity Stone will be awarded a Infinity Gauntlet Fragment. One Infinity Gauntlet Fragment per Infinity Stone will be awarded to each finder. Collect all the Infinity Stones to partially complete the Infinity Gauntlet Clue. A 7th and final Infinity Gauntlet Fragment will be awarded to the hunter(s) that finds all 6 Infinity Stones.


Once all 6 Infinity Stones and the 7 Clue Infinity Gauntlet Fragments have been collected you will have the power to stop Thanos! If you stop him the Avengers will surely reward you handsomely...


The game pieces are hidden with safety in mind. Game pieces WILL NOT be hidden higher than 5 feet off the ground; submerged in a body of water, or on a frozen body of water; in manicured planted areas; in native wildflower areas; at Como Conservatory or Zoo; or within 10 feet of a street. You will not have to destroy or deconstruct park property.
Be smart and be safe while out hunting!


This is a non-profit event. The Avengers is owned and operated by Marvel.
Medallion Militia, TC Treasure and their creators own no rights whatsoever.

By participating in the Race for the Infinity Stones Hunt(s) you agree to a complete waiver of liability of any damages, injuries, or losses to the Medallion Militia, TC Treasure, and this events creators and representatives. By claiming any of the game pieces and awards you give consent for the event operators to use your name and any photos collected on this website, all social media outlets, and for any advertisements. The Medallion Militia and TC Treasure reserves the right to change the rules and formats at anytime of the event.The Medallion Militia and TC Treasure reserves the right to discontinue the event at anytime if any property is destroyed or under any extreme circumstance.

All rules subject to change.